Georgiana Dean Bio

Georgiana S. Dean

Having had over 25 years of interior design experience, Georgiana has completed a wide variety of projects. Her style is often deemed "out of the box" by her clientele. She believes in seeing the design as a whole with each piece signifying a part of the puzzle. In the end, all the layers and textures magically come together.

Curating the design elements, Georgiana carefully creates an environment suited specifically in the style and taste each individual client desires. Her visions are to view design as a large piece of jewelry, with each point coming together to create the final look. Each project, whether large or small, has meticulous attention to detail.

Residential and commercial work are both a part of her background. She decorates seasonally for a number of private and business clients. Each project reflects the customer's taste. Her background with the fashion and furniture industry have well prepared her with the knowledge needed to achieve a wide range of projects. However, the most important thing is to have fun while creating for both parties. You should enjoy the process as well as the end result.

Georgiana Dean


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