Q) I have items to consign, what is the first step?

A) If you have larger items such as furniture, rugs, Art, and/or something of larger value, we ask that you send us pictures of the items. Pictures can be uploaded through our website using the Consignment Request Form, or you can email them to picture@consigntodesignstore.com. Before submitting the request form or sending the email, verify that your pictures are attached. If neither of these methods work for you, call the store, (865) 249-7428, and we can provide an alternative method. Please make sure that the pictures are not blurry, and that they are adequately lit. Please include pictures of any imperfections in the items because these could result in refusal of the item upon delivery. This is for your benefit. We will do our best to answer all emails within 48 hours.

  please put the word PICTURE in the subject line, or you can text them to 865-410-8305 (make sure you include your name and a description of the item(s) in the picture(s) in every text).

Q) What are your consignment terms?

A) We consign for 120 days, we do a 50/50 split of whatever the item sells for, and items are marked down 10% every 30 days, up to 30%.

Q) What happens at the end of the 120 days?

A) If your item doesn't sell you have 14 days to make arrangements to pick your items up, from 7 days before to 7 days after the end of the 120-day consignment term. Unsold items not picked up within 7 days of the end of the consignment term become property of the store and may be donated or discounted at their discretion.

Q) Do I need to make an appointment to bring items in for consignment?

A) Yes, we only accept items for consignment by appointment. We do this so that we can provide the best service possible and to avoid two or three dropping off at the same time.

Q) Is there a fee for setting up a consignment account?

A) Absolutely not. We do, however, add a small fee to the price of each item to help offset our handling and processing costs, which is paid by the buyer.

Q) Do you offer pick-up or delivery?

A) No, but we can provide you with the names of some excellent independent movers that are very reasonably priced.

Q) Do you price from pictures?

A) No, we do not price items until they get to the store where we can properly inspect and research, if needed, each item.

Q) Do I need to clean my items before I bring them in?

A) Yes, items should be clean and ready to go on the floor. If items aren't clean, they may be rejected or you may be charged a cleaning fee.

Q) Will you fix items if they are brought in damaged or broken?

A) No, we ask that you bring your items ready to go on the sales floor. We will not accept items that are damaged or broken.

Q) How do you determine the prices for items?

A) We price items based on research, information provided by the consignor (e.g. purchase price, manufacturer, age, etc.), and our experience with what our customers are willing to pay for a particular item. We try to maximize the return for the consignor while offering a fair price to our customers that will get the item sold. If you have an expectation on pricing, please let us know, preferably when dropping the item off, and we will let you know whether we can price the item(s) accordingly.

Q) How soon will my item be on the floor for sale?

A) We do our best to get your items out as soon as space and inventory allows. The 120-day consignment term doesn’t start until the item is placed on the floor. Some items could have different starting and ending dates.

Q) How will I know when my item is on the floor?

A) When your items are priced and put on the floor, you should receive an email from us listing the items, their price and expiration date.

Q) Will you call me when my consignment term ends?

A) No, but we pay extra to provide our consignors with 24-hour access to their account via our website so they can keep track of their items. We provide instruction cards that explain exactly how to log in to your account. It's easy!

Q) When and How will I get paid?

A) We print checks, for balances over $25.00, on the 10th of each month for items that sold the previous month. The check will be in the store available for pick up through the end of the month. Any checks not picked up by the end of the month will be mailed.

Q) What if my balance is under $25.00?

A) Balances under $25.00 will be carried forward until they reach or exceed $25.00 or you can request a cash payout.

Q) What happens to my check if I move out of state?

A) If you move out of state, let us know and make sure we have your new address, your check will be mailed to you on the 10th.

Q) Will I get paid for items that sell beyond the end of the 120-day consignment term?

A) No, after the 120 days the item becomes store property. We send an email when items are put on the floor that includes the expiration date for those items, please mark this date on your calendar.

Q) Can I use the balance on my account to make a purchase?

A) Yes. After an item(s) sells, the balance on your account may be used towards a purchase. Please be aware that the balance on your account will change after checks are written on the 10th of the month, for balances of $25.00 or more.

Q) What avenues do you use to sell my items?

A) Showroom Sales Floor as well as pictured Inventory on our website. We also use Facebook, Pinterest, & Instagram to generate interest and excitement in our inventory.

Q) If you refuse an item does that mean it’s not salable?

A) No, it may be a function of our current inventory or that, based on our experience, it's not what our customers are looking for. It’s all about Supply and Demand.

Q) Do you sell rugs on consignment?

A) Yes, but please make sure the rug is clean and free of pet hair, stains, rips or tears, and smells or it will be rejected.

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